High school is A LOT different from college. While you are a popular kiddo back in high school, sad to say, in college, you’re just one of those ordinary faces in the crowd. As they say, college is the real life. So I prepared my body, my mind, myself, of the uncongenial possibilities. However, my realisation is that no one can ever be ready for college. Well, as for me.

I am not competitive. If they see me as a competitor then fine. I don’t actually give a fuck. However, I have that fear of being compared to someone — to someone whom I knew is better than me. It’s hard to admit, but I do have a lot of insecurities. I am not emotionally healthy. Yes, I smile a lot when facing difficulties but it’s not how you measure the strength of a person. I’m fragile as a glass. I’m afraid of breaking but this college shit is already tearing me apart.

As my professor in Eng 1 said, “UP can either make you or break you.” I don’t want to be broken. Nobody wants to get broken. However, with courage, artistic mind, and a little bit of pixie dust, a broken glass can be made into a beautiful artwork.



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