February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day! πŸ˜‰

LOVE is in the air! Or is it, really?
My answer? YES πŸ˜€

After my Chemistry lecture class, I went to the church to have my prayers. Afterwards, I went straight to the bank to check if I could already use my ATM card (I asked for a replacement). On my way to the bank, I saw my Instructor falling in line in the ATM machine. As I approached the bank, I took a quick glance at him and looked down. He was wearing a long striped white sleeve tucked in his long black slacks. He looked handsome and proper as usual. As I get nearer, I looked at him again only to find out that he was already looking at me. I felt awkward and a lot of things entered to my mind–“Did he recognize me? Should I look down again?” I waited for his response first. Guess what? He did not fail to make me feel hoity-toity! He smiled at me and shook his head upward as an act of greeting. He shook his head so high that I wanted to laugh. But of course, I did not. Instead, I smiled back and shook my head too. Afterwards, I entered the back.

That was one of the most unforgettable Valentine’s Day ever!

But wait… there’s more!

I went to Vega to claim my bag because I have it repaired. I saw a lot of red things including roses and balloons because of the vendors in the sidewalk. I could somehow feel the V-Day. Unfortunately, the bag was not yet done and ’twas almost a week. I feel so frustrated and irritated that I can’t anymore talk nor look to the lady in charge of the repair shop. With irritated face, I turned my back. As I take my few steps away from the shop, my instructor just popped out in front of me. He came out from the gift shop beside the repair shop and he accidentally smashed the door as he closed it. With shock, I looked at him and tried not to laugh at his reaction when the door smashed. He looked at me with a smiling face and laughed. I did not contain the happiness inside me so I tore my hesitation to refrain myself from chuckling. I gave him an even bigger smile and giggled with him. He spoke yet I forgot the words he uttered because of the fast change of events. Nevertheless, my irritation immediately turned into happiness. We walked on the same direction, but him in a faster pace. However, it did not kill my imagination. As we walked down the sidewalk full of roses and balloons, I just let the spirit of Valentine overwhelm me and I imagined us having a “date”. I know I’m creepy but… It made me happy πŸ™‚

Sir, thanks for making me happy on the Valentine’s Day πŸ˜€
And of course to my buddy, God, thank you for the gift πŸ˜€ You know me too well :DD


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