High school is A LOT different from college. While you are a popular kiddo back in high school, sad to say, in college, you’re just one of those ordinary faces in the crowd. As they say, college is the real life. So I prepared my body, my mind, myself, of the uncongenial possibilities. However, my realisation is that no one can ever be ready for college. Well, as for me.

I am not competitive. If they see me as a competitor then fine. I don’t actually give a fuck. However, I have that fear of being compared to someone — to someone whom I knew is better than me. It’s hard to admit, but I do have a lot of insecurities. I am not emotionally healthy. Yes, I smile a lot when facing difficulties but it’s not how you measure the strength of a person. I’m fragile as a glass. I’m afraid of breaking but this college shit is already tearing me apart.

As my professor in Eng 1 said, “UP can either make you or break you.” I don’t want to be broken. Nobody wants to get broken. However, with courage, artistic mind, and a little bit of pixie dust, a broken glass can be made into a beautiful artwork.



Hello world!

This will be my first time to write a blog about me. I decided to make a blog to cite some of my most memorable experiences and adventures while living my life. So, my blog is more of an online journal. Meanwhile, please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors I have had/will have written for English isn’t my native language. Thank you for reading this and happy blogging! 🙂